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To improve the quality of life by treating others better than one’s expectations, providing excellent customer service, and being nice.

Operating Principles
  1. Operate through Teamwork

  2. Operate to Position the Department for the Future

  3. Operate Ethically and with Integrity

Our Vision
exceed our community’s expectations by delivering an exceptional level of customer service, patient care, and pre and post incident assistance. We will seek innovative and progressive programs aimed at minimizing injuries to the public and firefighters by providing an efficient and effective response

Travis County ESD #5

Manchaca Fire Rescue


Brief History

Travis County Emergency Services District #5, was organized by citizens in the Manchaca area of Travis County. The original fire district serving the community was the Manchaca Volunteer Fire Department. The department was formed in 1968 and incorporated as a Texas non-profit corporation in 2005. The initial board had 5 directors: Ray M. Turner, Gene Williams, Walker P. Nance, Randolph W. Walker and Martin T. Moser. The initial registered office of the corporation was 10111 Slaughter Lane, Route 5, Austin, Texas and Ray M. Turner was the initial registered agent.
Initially funded solely by donations, the district assisted in the formation of Travis County Rural Fire Prevention District #7 in 1985, later converting to Travis County Emergency Services District #5 in 1993. Much of Travis County Emergency Services District Number 5’s funding currently is derived from property tax receipts and a 2% Sales Tax on goods and services sold within the service district.



Today, Travis County ESD #5 is a combination career/volunteer emergency services organization that serves an area of southern Travis County approximately twelve square miles in size that boasts a population of approximately 17,000 residents and contains approximately $1,299,000,000 in taxable property. The apparatus fleet consists of two Engines, two Brush trucks, two Tenders, one Support, and one Command Tahoe. Our call volume is approximately 950+ calls per year and we maintain an average response time of five and a half minutes. As almost 75% of our call volume is first-response EMS; it is important that are staff are dual certified in fire suppression and EMS medical response.
Operating solely with volunteers until 2005, ESD#5 now employs 12 full-time firefighters, Driver/Operators, and officers working 24hours a day. The ESD also employs a part-time paid Chief, and a part-time office administrator.
Dispatch communications are coordinated on a twenty-four hour basis through the Austin Fire District, and all personnel have radio communication/notification devices. Training is conducted according to the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, the State Firefighters’ and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas, and the District of State Health and Human Services. ESD #5 provides all protective personal equipment and issues only NFPA approved safety equipment. In addition to fire suppression, ESD#5 engages in fire education/safety, fire prevention and inspection enforcement, slope rope rescue, swift/still water rescue, vehicle extrication and hazardous materials mitigation.
TCESD#5 participates in the Travis County Auto-Aid Coalition which provides auto aid response on all box alarms in the district along with closest unit responses of the closest emergency vehicle for the citizens of the area.


Fire Commissioners

Our District is guided by five appointed Fire Commisioners, who set policy and general direction for us.
Appointee Date Appt'd. Term Expire Term Length
Judy Canion 3/7/2017 12/31/2018 Two Year Term
Dennis Wright Reappointed 1/12/2016 12/31/2017 Two Year Term
Brian Vance 2/17/2015 12/31/2016 Two Year Term
Reed Boyd Reappointed 1/3/2017 12/31/2018 Two Year Term
John Linton Reappointed 1/3/2017 12/31/2018 Two Year Term
Board & Committee Appointments