Our Core Values

I. We realize the community is the reason for our existence.

  • We believe that without the cooperation of the community and our stakeholders, our ability to provide progressive emergency and non-emergency services would be greatly hampered.

II. We value the faith and trust of the community, and continually work to deserve that confidence through our approach and conduct.

  • We believe service delivery certainly is essential to the cohesiveness and performance of our organization.

  • Professionalism, Values, Respect and Integrity are how we should portray our actions, responses and duties.

  • We are committed to providing effective and responsive emergency and non-emergency services, always assuring the members of our community are treated with dignity and respect.

III. All members of our district are entitled to our best efforts

  • We believe our duty is to be responsive to our community and its stakeholders both on emergency and non-emergency requests; our goal to exceed customer expectations through skill, knowledge and professionalism.

IV. To strive for excellence in everything we do

  • We believe the pursuit of excellence and demonstrating high professional standards are critical to our work. To ensure the best possible service for our community, we support continuous training and encourages professional development.

V. Honesty, fairness and integrity will not be compromised

  • We believe the trust placed in us by the public and our colleagues is integral to the performance our duties. We are committed to honest and ethical behavior, and will hold ourselves accountable to these values.

VI. We will provide professional and courteous service at all times

  • We believe we have a duty to be involved in the community; our responsibility is to protect life, property and the environment. We are committed to fulfilling our responsibility and deepening our involvement in the community we service. No request or inquiry will go unanswered.

VII. We will be sensitive to the changing needs of the community

  • We recognize and understand that the consistency of change in our community and industry impacts our business daily. We are committed to seeking out and implementing innovative and progressive thinking to address change effectively, benefiting those we serve.
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