Driver Operator Program

Clearance to drive and operate MFR apparatus is a two-step process – Certification and Qualification

First, the member must hold a TCFP Driver Operator – Pumper certification. Any current member that is not TCFP certified may obtain their certification through a hands-on TCFP course. MFR will periodically offer an internal TCFP course as the need arises. MFR will not approve an online DO program for members seeking certification. Members that join the organization holding a DO certification from an online program will have to complete a series of skills tests and training modules before being cleared to operate MFR apparatus.

Second, once a member is TCFP DO-P certified, they must complete a task book for each type of apparatus utilized in MFR to be qualified on that apparatus type. The Department has task books for Engines, Tenders, and Brush Trucks. Links to these task books can be found below.

Within each task book there is a section to evaluate the member on three code 3 responses. The intent is that once a member has completed all of the other sections of their first task book, they will start driving the apparatus on actual incidents. The code 3 evaluations are to determine hoe the member performs and maintains their situational awareness during the stressors of emergency operations. Since this is a behavioral evaluation, it is not necessary for this evaluation to be completed for each apparatus type. Once three code 3 responses have been evaluated with a satisfactory rating, this section does not need to be completed on subsequent task books.

Dial 911 In Case of an Emergency